Top Indie Rocker, Chris Kudela Rewrites His Journey

When it comes to music, it’s never too late to pursue your passion. Here, Chris Kudela shares with us his musical journey of triumph and living in the now.

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Praise for Write It Over

Write It Over, the debut solo album by Chris Kudela, is a finely crafted sextet of powerpop gems penned by a songwriter at the top of his game. The positive energy of Kudela's pleasingly accessible drum and strum arrangements propel his earthy and earnest vocal performances. Kudela's lyrics are rich in flavor while easy for the listener to digest. Standout track "TKO Chicago" is adult alternative perfection, tailored to a precise 3:33 in the hallowed tradition of the classic radio single. I could go on longer than the album clocks in singing it's praises, but you should hear it for yourself. As a recording artist, I will gladly admit my reaction when first spinning the disc, I immediately thought "I wish I made this album." That's how good it is and how deeply I'm hooked. And as we know in rock music, it's all about the hook. 
Patrick Bamburak, Recording Artist and Producer, API Records

Listening to Kudela’s work, I felt upbeat and alive, as opposed to how I feel after listening to many indie pop-rockers who try to use over the top emotions to connect with listeners.”

Shaine Freeman, I Am Entertainment Magazine

Check out the full review of Write It Over here!

Check out the full review of Write It Over here!

Kudela combines rock riffs with pop melodies and hooks, and chugs along optimistically and energetically – imagine driving down the boulevard with the top down on a beautiful summer day – on songs like Greenroom.”